Inaburra School Careers

Required Documents

Required Documents

Work Experience - 4 Documents:

In order to participate in Work Experience, you will need the following documents:

For Students:

The Parent/Students Guide to Work Experience - Click here
The Student Placement Form - Click here (Instructions for Student Placement Form)
Work Experience Log Book - Click here

For Parents:

The Year 9 Parent Letter - Click here
The Parent/Students Guide to Work Experience - Click here

For Employers:

The Employers Guide to Workplace Learning - Click here
You can print a copy of our Insurance Certificate by clicking here

Preparation Resources for Calling Employers:

1. Spiel Template - Click here
2. Cold Calling - tips from the experts - Click here
3. Cold Calling interactive demonstration - Click here
4. If you need help to write an email asking for a placement, there is a great resource here.
5. (a) How to write a letter to prospective employer asking for Work Experience - Click here
    (b) Sample of a Business Letter - Click here
6. How to write an email as a follow up to a prospective employer clarifying details for Work Experience - Click here
7. White Card Training - download a White Card training course brochure here


If you are still unsure or have questions, please see me in the Careers Office.